From the Pastor’s Desk

Sunday, October 31, 2021

I’m going to do something that the world will call strange and that’s okay. I want to shout ….Praise the Lord…Praise the Lord! This morning we got even more prayer request and this is a burden, but it is an exciting burden. It is saying to people, that we believe God answers prayers and they believe we believe God and trust us with reaching heaven with their needs. But even more important, this morning we received information that six of these requests are doing well or set free from the sickness and/or pain. I was contacted this morning that a lady in our service this past Sunday morning was set free from a long-time habit during the service.

Does anyone mind if I brag on our Lord Jesus. God is moving under His power and authority and there is nothing the devil can do about it. God in all His Majesty is sitting on His Eternal Throne waiting to step into our lives and draw us into the life that He laid out for us, long before we took our first breath. The devil has told us often of our short-comings so often, that we believe him and we see no way we can do things for the kingdom of God. “But our Lord…But our Lord.” (If you were with us last Sunday you’ll understand.) But our Lord does not work inside of a box. He has the entire universe at His finger tips. He only needs to speak the word and it is done. He does not want to be a part of your life, but He wants to be the center of your life. If you release your life to Him, He will take control and walk you down a path you never imagine. You see when you walk the path He has for you … It has God’s Glory in it and His glory is higher than I can imagine with this fleshly mind. Lord, I give you my all, so I can receive a small portion of Your all. What a deal!

You are loved, Pastor Don

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