About Us


Our Senior Pastors, Don & Ernestine Wolf were married in 1999 and they love being servants of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Pastor Don received his Christian education through Global University and School of Bible Theology Seminary and University. He was born in Kansas City, MO and moved to California with his parents at the age of 10. Spent three years in the US Army in the Finance Corp and spent fifteen months in Korea. He had five children (four daughters and a son) from his first marriage and has survived his first wife, son and a daughter. He has ministered in the Detroit area, Redmond, OR and travel for two years as an evangelist before marrying Ernestine and starting this church. He has had the privilege of ministering in Mexico, Venezuela and eight countries in Africa (Kenya, Uganda, Zambia, Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania, Lesotho and South Africa). He is licensed and ordained through ABEA and also serves as 1st Vice President for the organization.

Pastor Ernestine received her Christian education through Anchor Bay Evangelistic Association (ABEA) Bible School and is licensed and ordained through ABEA. She was raised in this area and has lived in this area her entire life. She has three children and she has survived her first husband. Her son owns Custom Heating & Plumbing (CHP) in Mt Pleasant. Her oldest daughter lives in Ocala, FL with her husband. She sings and plays bass guitar. Her other daughter is a pastor in the church and sings with the praise team. Ernestine has also traveled with Pastor Don to Uganda and South Africa to minister the Word of God

Both are spiritual overseers for several churches in Africa, along with nurturing this local church. God has been good to them and they have had the pleasure of sharing God’s goodness with so many.


Cornerstone Worship Center was birthed on Sunday, October 1, 2000 in the home of Pastors Don and Ernestine Wolf. Within six weeks, after preparing the garage, services were moved into the garage to handle the people. A search was begun to locate another building to buy or to lease and none was found. In the summer of 2001, we bought the five acres we are on and phase one of our building took place. In February 2002 we moved into our current location. Since that time, we have added three buildings, a home and garage and doubled the size of the sanctuary.

We have just described the buildings in which we are housed, but the church is the people within the church family and we believe we have one of the best families. God has called us to this location to raise up a family of God’s people to do the work that the Lord left for the church. The Lord left the “Great Commission” for the church in Mark 16:15-18 and it begins with “Go into all the world and preach to every creature” and this body of Christ is committed to fulfill this command.

We believe the love we have to offer to those who enter through our doors would be hard to match. We believe that it is the task of the leadership to prepare the people to live a holy life that is pleasing to God. We believe we have the obligation to serve God here within our community and to reach into the world with God’s love. We believe that God wants to stretch you to a higher level of satisfaction in life and that comes through working with other believers.

If you do not have a church home, we encourage you to give us a try. Perhaps this is where God is calling you?

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