Our Ministries

Women’s Ministries – Linda Anderson

Men’s Ministries – Larry Earl

Altar Worker- Rev. Michelle Wright & Linda Anderson

Learning Center Program – Pastor Don Wolf

Mission Ministry- Pastor Don Wolf

Praise Team Director – Pastor Mike Wright

Media Communications Director – Linda Anderson

Outreach – Rev. Aaron Christensen

Children’s Sunday School Director – Pastor Ernestine Wolf

Greeter Ministry Leader – Rev. Aaron & Kathy Christensen

Usher Ministry Leader – Mike Nokes

Dance Team Director – Pastor Michelle Wright

Youth Director – Pastor Michelle Wright

Elders / Seniors

Senior Pastor–Don Wolf

First Lady of the Church/Children’s Church Pastor–Ernestine Wolf

Associate Pastor/Visitation/Praise Team Director–Mike Wright

Youth Pastor–Michelle Wright

Associate Pastor–Donna Merritt

Outreach Pastor–Aaron Christensen

Children’s Church Pastor–Rachel Nokes

Office Manager–Jennifer Earl

Sunday School

Meets every Sunday Morning at 9:15 AM, Larry Earl teaches our Adults Learning Center/ Sunday School Class and Rev. Donna Merritt teaches our teens.

Children’s Sunday School/Jr. Church is guided by our 1st Lady Pastor Ernestine Wolf and Pastor Rachel Nokes.

Youth: WIRED 4:12 (1 Timothy 4:12)

Pastor Michelle Wright

Youth Pastor


Have fun and learn the word of God with an awesome group of teens. Regardless of where you are in your walk with God, all are welcome. Whether you’ve known the Lord for years, or if you are interested in getting to know Him for the first time.

We are here every Sunday Evening at 6:00 pm

1 Timothy 4:12

Don’t let ANYONE look DOWN on YOU because you are YOUNG set EXAMPLES for the believers in SPEECH in CONDUCT in LOVE in FAITH in PURITY.

Come learn the word with us:

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Pastor Mike Wright heads up the Worship Team.

Our Worship Team is willing to go and play for any church or Youth event. We are open Monday through Saturday.

Sunday’s are for our own home Church.

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