From the Pastor’s Desk

Sunday, May 29, 2022

This is the weekend we set aside to remember those who have died so we can live in freedom from oppression. Over the last 200 plus years, many have been called and many have volunteered to face enemies of this country and the results were many never came home because of giving their lives so we could be free.

We as children of God should also use this day to renew our memory of what the Lord Jesus Christ did for us on Calvary. However, it should not be for a day, but everyday of our lives. Without His sacrifice, which He freely gave, we would still be trapped in our sins with no hope beyond our last breath and a bleak future of an eternal hell.

But I say today, REJOICE…REJOICE! We have been set free from our sin debt and now can walk in the path of our Redeemer because he swore allegiance to His Father, His heaven and went to war with the enemy (Satan) and defeated him at every turn. When Jesus allowed Himself to be hung on a cross the Devil thought victory was within his reach, until the earth shook, the stone rolled away and Christ arose from the grave in victory over the Devil and sin.

Yes, thank you for all who laid down their lives for us all, but a very special thanks for He who arose from the dead…Jesus, my Lord and Savior.

You are loved, Pastor Don

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