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Sunday, May 8, 2022

I have to admit, even though it has been 28 years since my mother passed away and 25 years for my father, there is still a vacant place in my life that cannot be filled. However, the Lord has done much to ease the pain; I still miss sitting down with them and discussing the events of the day, even when they ended with a disagreement. Or as I became an adult and married and raised my own family and my path of life separated us by thousands of miles, there was always the telephone and that vacation to go home to mom and dad. Were my parents perfect? No! But they were my mom and dad and they sacrificed much to raise me and my brother to be good citizens and to have high morals. Even during the great depression, when my father worked long and hard hours for a few cents per day, somehow my mother would manage the little she had, so we always had food on the table (some of which was a struggle to eat) and we were always clothed properly for the season, even though almost none of it was new.

Although some may disagree, I will say that the Lord blessed me with two of the greatest parents. However, the biggest load was on my mother, since my dad always worked hard and long. Oh how I would love to walk into her kitchen again and have a large bowl of beans and cornbread or southern fried chicken. While she was not a person to put fancy food on the table, what she would do is fill you and place a twinkle in your eye. I still love you mom and I still love you dad.

You are loved, Pastor Don

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