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He Has Risen! Glory to God!

I mention this last Sunday, but I did not dwell on it and I believe it is so important. The Jewish people were expecting another king to come, such as King David, and he would set them free from the oppression of the Roman army a little over 2,000 years ago. And here, before them was a man sent from God, who was performing many miracles; such as healing the sick, calming the storms and raising the dead … most certainly, this has to be promised one, the one spoke of by the prophets of old. And yet on this day, here in the Holy City of Jerusalem, He was put on trial by His own people … found guilty … and now being nailed to an old rugged cross for something He was not guilty of. They watch as He wrenched in pain and as life itself was slowly draining from Him.

Some cried, some laughed and many were confused. After all this is the one they had been waiting for. This was their Messiah and now he is being placed within a tomb. All over the city there was the tears, because what they thought was to be, was not.

But as usual when dealing with God, He delivers far beyond our expectations. They were looking for a better life than the suffering they were going through and God was delivering an eternal life in His presence. God was offering those things that were between the favor of God and their lives, to be erased and never to be brought up again. God was offering a return to those evenings in the garden, when He would return to fellowship with them. If they would walk in faith!

You are loved, Pastor Don

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