From the Pastor’s Desk

Sunday, September 26, 2021

I want to use this portion of the bulletin, for this week, to take a look at ourselves. We could take time to look at our short-comings in this public domain, but that would not serve us or the kingdom of heaven any value. There is a saying that goes like, don’t hang your dirty laundry in public and there is value in that, because there is a much better way of doing that, which is a face-to-face discussion.

But I do want to look at one of our very strong points and that is how so many servants got together and LABORED LONG AND HARD to make our conference the success that it was. We are still getting thanks and congratulations for the music, the speakers, the love this congregation gave and most of all, the Spirit of God that was present, from the very beginning to the last Amen.

I truly believe that God has allowed us to set a HIGH level standard for any future conferences for ABEA. It is not because of any ME’s or YOU’s, but because WE AS A BODY OF CHRIST listen to the Holy Spirit and gave of ourselves. We as members of ABEA had not met in two years and it was so important that the meeting be something to talk about, for the glory of our Lord. And because we worked as a team under the authority of the Lord; it worked! Not to give extra honor to anyone, but because our praise team allowed two outsiders to join in; we now have a young man looking at this Christian walk in a new life. Our God reigns!

You are loved, Pastor Don

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