From the Pastor’s Desk

Sunday, May 9, 2021

For many of us, we would give just about anything to be able to sit at a table, with a cup of coffee and spend a couple of hours discussing world and family events with our mothers. However, that is not possible because they have left this life and are now passed into eternity.

At least I have one topic that I will bring up and that would be how she loved my brother and me. When we were growing up, that I and especially my brother, gave her a lot of heart aches and disappointments and they were times when she would remind us, both verbally and physically of our short comings. And I have to admit, I felt that she was unfair or perhaps just mean. But oh how I give thanks today, because every harsh word and every stroke of the switch was done because she loved both of us dearly. Am I perfect today because of my other’s actions … NO! But this I can say with some assurance, without that loving correction, I am sure that I would not be serving the Lord today and most likely I would not be alive today and spending my eternity in hell.

What am I trying to say? Mother’s were put on earth to love their children, with a godly love that is everlasting. They are here to kiss that boo-boo away … to give that hug when only a hug will work … to wipe away tears. But most of all, to encourage their children to follow the Lord, through their faithfulness in serving the Lord.

You are Loved, Pastor Don

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