From the Pastor’s Desk

Sunday, July 19, 2020

Only the Christian Believer Actually Dares to Die! In the days of the persecutions, the ungodly tormentors said, “Behold, how these Christians die!”

Remember, that a Christian dares to die if he has lived right and has a hope that is alive, and has been born of the Spirit and is walking with God. But he doesn’t dare die it he hasn’t. No one but a Christian can dare to die.

There is a story told of an Austrian-American who was a man of God and he was a missionary to Africa. After spending some time here in the US, he returned to Africa. Upon his return, he was riding his motorcycle from one village to another. He felt something wrong with him, and he got off quickly, and lay on the ground beside his motorcycle. He never woke up.

He was off the see Jesus! That serious Austrian face, lined with wrinkles, would light up with a smile when you would say something good about the Savior. He dreamed about the time when he would be at home with the Savior! Jesus overcame the grave and because He has overcome the grave. This guarantees this man hope, and he dares to lie down beside his motorcycle in a little dirt path in the African jungle.

Christ may come at any time and we hope He will come. But if He doesn’t come until our old heart wears out … we will die! Sure, I want to live. I want to be with my family and friends, and preach the gospel and serve my Lord.

But there is always a place for a Christian to go, because God has given us a living hope by the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. There is the guarantee of our future!

You are loved, Pastor Don

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