From the Pastor’s Desk

Sunday, June 2, 2019

Do you ever feel as though you have fallen into a pit? Your pit could be a difficult relationship, a financial hole, an illness that you have fought for a long time. Your once close walk with Christ might seem like a distant dream and you are tempted to fall back into an old sin habit or unhealthy life pattern. Well, be encouraged! God has something powerful to say to you about where you are.

Joseph’s story in Genesis 37 tells us a lot about pits. In fact, two words are repeated throughout the Genesis narrative regarding Joseph: dream and pit. Almost every time Joseph had a dream it led to a pit; the first time was when he dreamed about ruling over his brothers. In his youthful enthusiasm, he shared his dream with them, but it didn’t go well. These men became so consumed with rage that they threw their little brother into a pit. However, God used this as a means of accelerating the process in placing Joseph in a position to achieve his kingdom purposes. Joseph was chosen!

Think about the incredible trajectory of the life of this teenage shepherd, this dreamer, who became second-in-command of the world’s greatest empire. His path to fulfilling God’s objectives was not smooth, but along the way he was willing to endure every test faithfully as God strategically positioned him for his destiny.

Many believers are afraid to dream in faith. They would rather stay in their present pit than risk a move to higher ground. They know there is a cost to following God, a sacrifice that involves the unknown, and they tremble at having to pay the cost.

I encourage you to pick up the dream God has given you! Ask the Father to exchange your fear for faith and to use you in spite of your anxiety. He will delight in your faith and you will be on his path to greatness. Then you will be on your upper climb to the height the Lord has for your life.

You are loved, Pastor Don

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