From the Pastor’s Desk

Sunday, May 12, 2019

A little later this year, my mother would have been gone for 25 years. Like so many of you who have said goo-bye to your mothers; how we wish we could once again go to their house on a Sunday afternoon and have a fine meal cooked by them.

And when I think of all the hardship she and my dad (he has been gone for 23 years) went through to give me and my brother a good upbringing; I cannot think of the right and proper words to express all that they mean to me.

Also called to mind are all the times that I brought heart-ache and trouble to their door step when I did something very stupid or went ahead and did something that I was told not to do. But even then, I was corrected (even though at the time I felt it was unwarranted) and then love would flow from them and I knew I was still loved.

Now I direct my words to those who still have a mother who is still with you … you have a diamond in your life. Should the Lord tarry, the day is coming when their presence will disappear from your life and all that will remain will be your memories (many good and some bad), but they will be memories of the love they had for you and hardships that you put them through.

On this day, do not hesitate to tell your mother that you love her and then make it a habit to do it as a normal routine in your life. While she has been here, she has cried many tears over you and the day is coming when you will cry many tears of missing her. Rejoice today in the Lord and your mother.

You are loved, Pastor Don

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